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New Year, New Jewelry!

Big shop update! 

Lots of new jewelry and news! 

First, my jewelry was seen in the March 2020 edition of Condé Nast Traveller Magazine! I am very excited about this! The jewelry featured is from my Lapis Lazuli Collection

For the January and February babies, we have some beautiful Garnet and Amethyst pieces available in the shop! 

Amethyst Collection

Garnet Collection


Since love is in the air, my love of gemstones inspired this sweet and soft Romance Collection which features luxurious, scrumptious gem clusters in soft, feminine colors with pearl accents. It's just in time for Valentine's Day!  You can view the collection here.



And finally, my aforementioned Lapis Lazuli Collection. A couple of pieces are seen in the magazine Condé Nast Traveller (March 2020). This collection showcases the brilliant and bold blue of this regal stone by pairing it with gold, blue opal, and Hill Tribe silver. 


That's all for now, and more to come soon! 


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