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First Post of 2020: A Quick Reflection

Happy New Year! 

Since this is my first post for 2020 (yep....a month late) I figured I'd make it a reflective one.  This post is a response to the Jewelry Artisan's Community 2020 Blog Carnival. While I'm late, (this was supposed to be for January!) I managed to get the piece done. The topic was "favorite piece and why". 

(The Jewelry Artisan's Community is a small and talented group of ladies who accepted me into their wonderfully supportive community last year.) 

My Favorite Piece

I like to stop on occasion and reflect on where I am at and how I got there. With jewelry, one of my favorite ways of doing this is by examining my favorite pieces from over the years. 

I have many pieces that I can say are my favorites...each one crafted with love, care, and skill. But one piece, in particular, holds a special place above the rest. It's a symbol of the ambition, pride, and joy I have in jewelry making. It's where the dream of this shop began. It's the first piece of semi-precious jewelry I made. 

 It's a Jade Serpentine necklace made with sterling silver and peridot accents. In the photo above you can see the tarnish on the silver bits as I haven't cleaned it a long time. You can also see my feeble attempt at wire-wrapping a bail of some sort to hang the hand-carved pendant. Despite its imperfections, I was beyond proud of this piece and I still am! 

It was made from my first big order of gemstone beads and sterling silver findings. This piece paved the way to many things: my first local artisans fair where I tried selling jewelry I had made; my passion and fascination with gemstones and crystals; and my desire to learn as much as I could about jewelry making. 

I received a lot of compliments on this piece but it never sold. But I'm glad it didn't because it's a special reminder of my humble beginnings in beading and jewelry making which led me here to owning this shop. 

That being said, I will keep the lessons this piece taught me at the forefront as I continue on my jewelry journey this year. 

 Have a wonderful 2020! 



  • I totally get where you are coming from with regard to reflecting. Many of my favorites are early pieces that make up what they are lacking in technical skills with the enthusiasm and love that went into making them. That’s a beautiful first work and I can see why you are proud of it. It’s also a wonderful way to look back and see how far you’ve come since you started your jewelry making journey. Treasure it forever!

  • I love this piece and can see why you love it! Put together with love and care, the use of stones with subtle hues, the wonderful proportion between the pendant and other beads. And now, I need to go write my post!


  • I understand how this is your favorite piece because it’s the base you have come from. It’s always good not to forget your roots and where you started (even it can be quite embarrassing sometimes ;-) and I’m thinking of myself here, not you) to see how far you have come!
    Also it is a lovely piece!


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